Dragonfly Hill Vineyard

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Estate Wines

Thank you to all who helped and participated in our harvests and wine making.


Ortega Auxerrois

Our 100% locally grown, Ortega Auxerrois is a crisp white wine made with Pinot Auxerrois and Ortega varietals that grow very well on the Saanich Peninsula. The crispness of cool rain, green apple and honeysuckle flowers expand across the palate to reveal a lovely mineral finish that lingers on the palate.

Ortega Auxerrois pairs well with salads, poultry, and seafood because of its crisp, bright, finish. Or just enjoy chilled on its own or over ice.

Estate grown grapes from Dragonfly Hill Vineyard.

11.5% ABV

2011 Front

2011 Back



Merlot Cabernet

Dragonfly Hill Merlot Cabernet is a collaboration of red grapes and has artful notes of french oak, black cherry and distant vanilla. This wine is made in Saanich and fully aged in oak barrels for one year, then blended in stainless tanks for one year before bottling.

Merlot Cabernet is a wonderfully warm and rich-bodied accompaniment to any fine meal or with your favorite cheeses.

Grapes from Stonequail Vineyard in Oliver, BC

13.8% ABV


Bumbleberry is 100% locally grown with 10 kinds of berries and fruit from the Saanich Peninsula. Bumbleberry is slightly dry and grasps you with its delicate flavours of blackberries, raspberries, loganberries, black currant; with additional infusions of strawberry, rhubarb, and Japanese plum. Like your favourite mixed-berry pie, without the crust!

Bumbleberry can be enjoyed as an aperitif on ice, a wine cocktail or during dessert. Bumbleberry pairs superbly with a festive turkey or chicken dinner as the main course accompaniment.

Locally grown fruit from the Saanich Peninsula.

16% ABV

Rusty Truck Pumpkin Wine

Rusty Truck Pumpkin Wine is a uniquely flavourful autumn classic made with 100% local pumpkin and fruits. An aromatic, pumpkin pie inspired fusion with a slightly sweet taste that sings with incidental notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Locally grown pumpkin and fruits from the Saanich Peninsula.

15% ABV

Merlot Labelle

This flavorful red wine is a collaboration of Merlot and Labelle. Distinctly different from our Merlot Cabernet, the Labelle provides a rich fruity flavor and striking purple coloration. Labelle is a new Cabernet hybrid meaning “beautiful dragonfly”. Our vineyard is the first in the world to have a significant planting of this exciting new coastal red varietal.

The collaboration of these grapes embodies smooth notes of french oak, berries, black cherry, distant vanilla and finishes with a rich complexity of flavour.

Merlot from Stonequail Vineyard / Labelle from Dragonfly Hill Vineyard.

13.8% ABV

Nouveau Labelle

Dragonfly Hill is the first vineyard in the world to have a significant planting of this exciting modern red varietal; a Swiss hybrid that retains the smoothness of its Cabernet parentage. The name Labelle comes from Dutch and French translations and to us means “beautiful dragonfly”, illustrating both the character of the vineyard and the classical simplicity of the wine it produces.

Nouveau Labelle is a fresh, un-oaked red wine, sustainably farmed and locally grown, with complex notes of black currant, tart cherry and blackberry.

Pairs well with Asian BBQ duck, wild meats, poultry or your favourite cheese.

Estate grown grapes from Dragonfly Hill Vineyard.

13.5% ABV

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Non-Vintage Spring Water

Pure filtered spring water.

Estate Welled

Not For Sale

Pink Dragonfly

Lemon balm & herbs.

Estate Grown

Not For Sale

Green Dragonfly

Kiwi wine.

Estate Grown

Not For Sale