Ortega Auxerrois


Ortega Auxerrois

2011 and 2012

Estate grown, these signature vines act as an expression of the vineyard itself. The crispness of cool rain, green apple and honeysuckle flowers expand across the palate to reveal a mineral-like finish that lingers unendingly in the mouth.

Estate grown grapes from Dragonfly Hill Vineyard

11.5% alcohol



Merlot Cabernet


Merlot Cabernet

2008 and 2009

Blended with a predominance of deep, silky merlot, this collaboration of merlot and cabernet grapes contains round artful notes of French oak, black cherries, distant vanilla and finishes with a smooth, complexity of flavor.

Grapes originate from Stonequail Vineyard, Oliver, B.C.

13.8% alcohol

2008- $25.00

2009- $30.00



Ortega Auxernois

2011 and 2012

100% locally grown berries and fruits contribute to the intricate flavour of our unique Bumbleberry wine. Slightly dry and without the overwhelming syrupy qualities of port or sherry, Bumbleberry will grasp you with its delicate flavour of blackberries, raspberries, black currant; with additional infusions of strawberry and rhubarb.
" It's like grandma's best mixed-berry pie, without the crust! "

16% alcohol


Petite Chardonnay (sold out)




This is a unique blend of 70% Pinot Auxerrois from Vancouver Island and 30% un-oaked Chardonnay. A waft of ripe citrus and stone fruits greets you, followed by a hint of orange blossom. There are flavours of white peach, citrus and apple with a creamy texture and refreshing finish.

12.5% alcohol


Credits and thanks:

Paul Troop - our vintner from Salt Spring Island

Kim Settler - website and label design

Alisa Shebib - Dragonfly Hill logo

Leanne Cadden - Painting of "Dragonfly Hill Schoenburger" and photography http://www.leannarto.com

Nancy Angermeyer - Wedding photography http://www.nancyangermeyer.com/

Don Dewar - Photography and video http://www.videoboost.ca

Jason Wallace - Photography

And to the many volunteers and staff who help in the Vineyard and Winery, without you, these beautiful wines would not exist. Thank you my friends!




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